Take Charge of your

Lung Health

Meet Clearblow

Clearblow is an AI-powered spirometer designed to help those suffering from chronic respiratory conditions maintain control over their lung health.

Next Level Spirometry

Our smart spirometer is easy to take on the go. It’s compact size and sleek design makes it a breeze to use anytime, anywhere. Clearblow is a Bluetooth AI-powered device that converts exhaled air into an acoustic signal. Results are shown in real-time and app data can be conveniently shared with the patient’s health care provider.

Advanced Algorithm

Clearblow’s intelligent algorithm forecasts outcomes by analyzing past FEV1% and PEF test results alongside parameters established by the patient’s healthcare provider. This user-friendly app combines symptom tracking, medication oversight, and proactive alerts.

Remote Monitoring

Clearblow’s portable spirometer and healthcare management app are engineered to gauge lung function, enhancing patient-provider connectivity via remote monitoring and secure cloud-based data exchange.


A portable, wireless spirometer featuring a stylish design that patients can carry in their pocket or purse and use anywhere.

Live Feedback

An LED screen with a luminous ring and haptic vibrations allows for real-time feedback and immediate test outcomes.

Precise Results

Clearblow’s remotely monitored test outcomes match the precision of spirometry tests conducted in a medical office.

Timely Alerts

Data analysis can provide early alerts to patients and physicians regarding declining lung function, enabling timely treatment planning.

Nudge Technology

Technology created with behavioral nudges and interactive gamification encourages patients to stay on course with their treatment plans.

Safe Data Sharing

Using the Clearblow app, patients can securely and effortlessly transmit their lung function test data to their healthcare provider.

Achievements too, of course!

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